Creating a Suicide Safer Community in Ottawa

Network Values

Collaborative and integration among different sectors

We believe we are more effective at promoting resiliency when we are collaborative in supporting young people and their families, and when we deliver services in a way that is integrated so as to ease transitions from one service to another.

Meaningful Engagement of Families and Youth

We believe that people with lived experiences and their families have a vital role to play in informing the work of the Network and recognize that they are essential stakeholders in the decision-making process. The Network is committed to being inclusive of communities, individuals and families affected by suicide.


Children and youth from all socio-economic and cultural groups are at risk of suicide. We believe in strengthening the system’s capacity to be flexible when working within diverse communities, and in promoting services that support unique responses to the complex issues relating to suicide.


Our work will be informed by and connected to evidence and will build on ideas that have been tested either through scientific research, or through our community’s own experience and expertise.

Fighting Stigma

Stigma prevents people from getting help and recovering from a mental illness. We all play an important role in combating stigma and the Network will promote dialogue among stakeholders, and build a narrative in our community that reduces discrimination, celebrates each individual’s unique strengths, and promotes inclusion.


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