Creating a Suicide Safer Community in Ottawa



“Thank you for presenting to the Psychology Discipline on March 18, 2014.  Your presentation was very interesting and thorough.  I am very impressed by the wonderful successes coming out the Community Suicide Prevention Network.”

Allison Kennedy, Ph.D., C.Psych.
Mental health PSU
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario


“I was so impressed  when you listed the accomplishments of the network.  I still feel like a newcomer, so it was wonderful to walk through the history.  A great deal has happened in just 3 years! I know that a great deal of this success is because of the passion and commitment of those around the table. I wanted to take a minute to say thank-you for your work to provide this leadership!”

Cathy Jordan
Executive Director
Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre


“The work of the Suicide Prevention Network was recognized at our Champlain CHC ED’s meeting this morning – people loved the way information was received:  clear, succinct and ready to be distributed and put on web sites!”

Cameron MacLeod
Executive Director
Centre de santé communautaire Carlington Community Health Centre